Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Start of Something Big

This is just the beginning. I am inspired and motivated by my surroundings, and my son. Because of him, I have started this endeavor to show and hopefully sell my art. But mostly I am inspired by God as the ultimate creator.

These are some of the pictures I have posted to sell on etsy. As I have just started I also  am learning. These portraits are some of the students I have drawn. since only color pencils and pencils are allowed in jail, that is the medium I have used the most.

Alfredo was an inmate n my class when I was teaching at a maximum facility.  He was also quite an artist himself and the thing he liked to draw, as most inmates like to do most, was draw women. In fact, some said that is all they wanted to draw. I incorporated their love of women in the drawing giving that tattoo style that they like so much.

The Joker was also a student in my class, and he always was joking around making the funnies. Then he told me about his girlfriend and that she had just written him a letter about how she hated him being in jail and she wanted to break up with him, she was tired of him being in jail all the time. So, hence the joker tattoo background.  The girls on the t-shirts are Vargas girls, which I have loved since sneaking a peak at my friend's dad's Playboy, and then my ex-husband's magazines too.

my own petroglyph

I have never done this before. I just started on etsy, which I have been studying for a couple days now        (    I was looking at art by aspenguy and he had a blog page here.  Thanks aspenguy, real name J. Richards Secor,   I also have been finishing undone art projects which have inspired my search on the internet to this place. Never in my wild dreams have I thought of doing a blog, but here I am. I always wondered how to do a blog. Now here I am. I feel like Julie of the movie about Julia. I will try to be here every day until something of substance starts to appear. I will show my art work, and maybe if you like the art, or want me to do some art for you, then please,  feel free and ask. Give me some feed back too, anything,  just so I know someone is looking.

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