Saturday, October 9, 2010

These are more of the petroglyphs I have been working on.
The sheep is a petroglyph found in California on the Coso Range in Big Canyon Creek which is in China Lake. The Abstract X was found by my son in Phoenix, Az. The Birdman, as I call him, was found in Utah presumably done by the Anasazi. As you can see, I really liked him. He represents a shaman, so they say.       
The strange looking being was found in Big Canyon Creek in California and presumably represents a female shaman which is very rare to find. Then the spiral which is very common, I just took a different photo of it so you can see the colors better.

I found a website called  by  archeologist Donald Austin. Some of these petroglyph images I found there, some I saw first hand as I took a caravan out to the site, a guided tour by a museum out in Ridgecrest area. Donald Austin also does seminars with fellow archeologists on site. 

I have been busy at work, and two of these are going to be donated tonight at my 40th high school reunion, Yikes! I hope whoevr gets them will like them..........

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  1. Hello Terry (or is it Terri?) It was wonderful reconnecting with you at our Reunion last weekend. Your Artwork is AWESOME!!! Keep creating! Love Always, Laurie McAnlis Epps (Pagosa Springs, Colorado)