Saturday, January 7, 2012

Well, I decided I didn't like the stamped cup. My husband said that you couldn't read the initials, so....

I am a perfectionist and I want a happy customer, so I did them again. This includes doing the stamp over and I like the results better. So I made four cups just to make sure that one comes out. When I do the bisque firing I will do just one cup, no wait, I will do all the cups in the bisque, but just do one cup in the glaze firing, yea that's sounds better. Then if that comes out then I will do the rest. Maybe use different colors to see what comes out best. I am starting out white. If you look at my etsy shop you will see other cups that I have made using my stamps that I make myself.

This second picture shows them in my wet room. It's really a shelving unit that I made with a plastic sheet that I velcro over the shelves so my pots dry slowly so they don't crack.
I also loosely cover them for the first day or two so that really slows the drying time down. I don't want them to crack. Just an added precaution.

This is the wet room, wet shelves? Anyway I will post again when they go in the bisque firing.
Hope everyone is having a nice New Year's, I sure am. I love doing pottery!

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