Monday, April 2, 2012

Since there are all types of different ways to talk to the public you can get carried away with one of the ways. For instance, me on Facebook. I am currently updated, but for how long I have no idea. Really go take a look, but come back. Here I am for now letting my fellow bloggers, not too many but hopefully more to come, know what I have been doing.

Very rare photo of me, getting out of my studio, which can be dark and not a lot of light. 

Just a few pieces that are now finished and in my Etsy shop. I am fascinated by nature of the color spring green, which Laguna Clay calls their glaze. I am working on developing my own glazes, as I should be doing right now. So off I go. I am making a black glossy glaze too, hopefully. There are so many variables to glazing.

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