Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My New Canon T3

I'm taking pictures with my new Canon T3, isn't the Audi have a car like that? Well, this camera should go with the car. It is AWESOME!

So I already have decided that this is my new hobby, taking pictures. What fun!!

Not just of my stuff either, I am taking pictures of anything, so here is a beautiful sunrise too

this is out my backyard balcony, don't you just love the desert?

This is in Sedona when I went to see my Grandsons 

I am learning. tlhe Sedona picture was taken at my Grandsons Football field. Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in America I am in love with that place. 

There not the best shots but I am learning. Went over to my son's friends house to learn some and took a three hour class on how to operate the camera. Is there such a thing as a self taught photography. That would be me. I think I might need to hunt for a blog that talks about how to use a Canon T3. Enjoy the day.......................................................

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