Friday, January 4, 2013

Black and White Backgrounds, Twitter and Trading Wholesale

So, as you can see, I am experimenting. Should it be a black background or a white background? By the way, Happy New Year!!! I haven't been here for about a month because I have discovered how to twitter with gusto! I am learning marketing and how to sale on the internet and I am meeting so many nice people through virtual social networking.

I get twitter now.

Off the subject of the pictures, I will get back to them. I just have to say that I am trying to avoid doing craft shows. They are so hard to do and take so much equipment to do them. Especially pottery. I am trying to just have my virtual shop and make it happen. I try not to be too spammy, but Hey, I want to get the word of my work out. Share my progress and get some some criticism. I am on my own. I need the input and help. Because of searching for some help, I have met some friends along the way.

I found a shop on Etsy, Eureka Guides, and took the plunge and paid for some criticism and help selling through the internet market. I am not a business person, I am an artist that wants just to do art. I know, but most artist would do it just for the pleasure if they could. But we must sell to sustain ourselves in this dog eat dog world.

What a lot of work. But, not as much physical work as doing a craft show. Still, I am thinking of doing trade shows. Selling wholesale. I will be posting as I look into that.

Back to those pictures. I am always experimenting, I love my ceramic pencils, I love sea shells. So of course I want to see what happens drawing sea shells on porcelain. I am liking the progress. And learning to take better pictures. Now to get to the black and white of things, which should I choose??

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