Sunday, May 5, 2013

Children are the moon and the sea

Children ARE the moon and the sea, and so you see, you will also see the sea floating with the moon

This is custom pottery that I have been influenced to do. The moon has always followed me so why not make moon plates and bowls! The perfect solution, having useful and functional art that is also quirky and fun. 

I just made this bowl and plate on the potters wheel. I use Hagi Porcelain from Laguna Clay. The white clay looks so good white and the moon just called out for me to start making this.

I like the way the swirls are on the plate; it becomes more subtle after the glaze. This is done on once fired or bisque ware. Then the drawing begins.

I love to draw, just with minimal materials, and then the potting. I enjoy being in both worlds. 

 I know you could take a picture, fiddle with it in photoshop, which takes a long time, then print it out as a decal.  And, which goes over the glaze and will wear off eventually if given time.

This will last indefinitely on the clay.  Even if broken the drawing will stand the test of time. The drawing is done with an underglaze pencil. Then I glaze it to a stoneware/porcelain temperature called cone 5. Stay tuned for the finished results.

That's the other thing about pottery, after the glaze firing, the piece can be absolutely beautiful and just what I wanted or.... something can go a little to a lot wrong. So, wish me luck, as I love how this looks so far. I have learned not to like it until it is done, but this part looks so good that I had to share.

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