Saturday, April 5, 2014

Motivation of an Artist, Where it Begins

Haven't been posting for awhile, 

I am thinking of changing direction of my blog to promote more websites and artists.
along with showing you what I am doing. 

What am I doing, well after a short vacation, of which, on the last day there, I broke my ankle. It gave me time to pause and rethink where I was going with my art, my life, my blog. Not in the same order, and more than what I mentioned... I want to reflect about my other artist friends art, they are amazing artists.

And also, to give you insight to what motivates an artist, like me, to pursue their art. 

I have a love hate relationship with my art, as, I think, most artists do. We are our own worst critic, at least I am to me. I believe some artists try to hide this from the public until they make it. Then they say, I knew it all along, I knew I would be great. 

Artists don't do art to make money, but it is always great when we can make a living out of what we do. I made my living through teaching art, I always had to have my thumb in it somewhere. Now it is a great supplement income only through perseverance and hard work. 

Warren Scherich, click on his name and you will see my favorite piece so far, made by him. He is a sculptor, and a painter, but I believe his passion is sculpting. He works endlessly in his yard sculpting, You can find him on face book, too! Warren's page, follow him, you won't be disappointed!

Here he is showing his paintings at an upcoming event

Master at work, He has his own rock garden. Wonderful abstract sculptures in his garden. He loves to share his work and his ideas, here is doing a short video of his work. You tube video of his process here....

What motivates an artist? Passion, pure passion, we can't help what we do, we are driven by our passion.

I find his process fascinating. In the mean time, I am going back to working on my art next week, 


  1. Thank you for the blog. Art is a passion, the overwhelming, all encompassing desire to see one's ideas take physical form. It is a wonderful adventure into the future and the unknown. Warren Scherich

  2. Your welcome, Warren. You inspire me with your words and ideas and creativity. Hope you come back, and check this out as I am going to try and post once a week. :) Terry Let me know when you start a blog, I think you will get many followers!