Thursday, October 4, 2012

Moon man plate, A great find for the table

Moon Man plate, a great find. I am always drawing faces, and I love the moon. I was amazed to find that quite a few people love the crazy moon like me. His old and wizened face is there to .... hold your cheese and crackers, and cookies and any meal with a style that is simple but crazy elegant. I am on my way of making a series of these plates. And I am making face bowls too.

They put me in a good mood. I was thinking and thinking all summer, what could I come up with that people would love to see. I went over the moon, haha for the plate.

I made this same face in an illustration I made, and I love making things useful. I have a hard time justifying a large expenditure on things that sit on the wall. And I know the amount of energy that goes into a painting or drawing, but there is something about useful. I guess my Mom put that idea into my head. She was always saying I can't get a job as an artist but then she would admire art so much.

 Confused for so long, I just gave in and became an artist, and a potter. I could always make money at pottery. Just never at painting and drawing. Maybe the tide is turning

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