Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Potter in Training

My new potter in training. He was loving it as much as me. He sat in that chair for almost an hour. Wow, if you know anything about kids that's a long time. Kids just love working in ceramics, doing art for that matter. I love teaching them arts and crafts. I have their undivided attention with so little effort.

If you look in the past postings you can see that I do my ceramics in my garage. Looking at this you would think it was cluttered. But I have everything organized to grab all from my chair. The kiln is on the other side of the room. All the shelves are in front of my Grandson and me. And best of all it is a three car garage so I use two car spaces and have my drawing and painting studio upstairs. Always in a state of organized chaos but I love it. I listen to music and all my worries go away. I love making art and pots.

Here is the post with some pics of my shop

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