Friday, September 27, 2013

Under glazing and Seashells

A new endeavor of mine is making porcelain bowls that look like abalone, I am becoming a fast friend of Laguna Clay in the City of Industry. I browse through the web for things to use in my pottery. I have come across Amaco underglaze watercolors and Amaco underglaze pencils. In this photo I use the watercolors but I laid into it a little thicker on the one and got better results. I glazed with a clear glaze and fired to cone 5. I think this temperature holds the color the best. I am making a whole set of dishes like this now, and today is bisqueing day. I have more wonder creations just waiting to post.

 Underglaze pencils at work, but I found the spraying with a solution of 1 pint water with one tablespoon gum solution works best. I found this information from The Big Ceramic Store.

I don't know which to work on first, so, I am working simultaneously on both. The drawing can get tedious but the abstract abalone design is so much easier and mind freeing. I do love to draw, but it is nice to just let go and be free in your design.

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