Friday, November 29, 2013

Moon Jars and Moon Beams, Man in the Moon Faces, Glowing Translucent Porcelain

 Featured on the Etsy Blog about Moons, these moon jars are available in my shop now made with a translucent porcelain. Hard to achieve, but I have been working on finding this kind of porcelain where I live.

Clay is different all over the country, even the world. There are some porcelains that cost  because of the scarcity. The is some porcelain found in Norway that is Limoge porcelain

I tried to get some porcelain some potters were using in the midwest and east coast, but it isn't available here, and I wasn't sure it was translucent.

Well my favorite clay store, which is really just a warehouse of ceramic supplies, I found the clay I wanted, it is called Frost 6 at Laguna Clay in the City of Industry, CA.

Well here is what it does which made me so excited...

See this wonderful glowing moon!! and of course you can use it as a trinket jar too.

I made some ring dishes and jewelry bowls with clay as well. It just makes the piece look so refined. And it helps that I throw so thin. That is probably key in the creations

So now my new goal is to make the carved letters I do stand out through sheer light. 
This piece the lettering just glows when it is in the sunlight. 

Here is the top of the ring dish, for marriage, a ring pillow, and it holds the wedding rings in the dove tails

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