Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Draw Portraits, David Walker Graffiti Portrait Artist, and Romanovna Art, oh yes, and me...

I have been thinking about why I do portraits. For that matter, why does anybody do portraits. And, when I mean do, I mean paint or draw in any way possible. From my own experience, I started when I was twelve, I drew my next door neighbor's son that I watched. He was maybe four or five.

It's that amazing feeling of capturing a likeness of someone that you know and that feeling you get when they like the image you drew of them. Or that feeling you get when you capture an emotion, I find that exhilarating!!

 It took me quite a while to feel confident with my drawing images of people. Here was a quick study...

This Drawing was done at Renato De Guia's Open Studio last year

I study artist's all the time. I appreciate everyone's style. Of course my favorite being realism. 
Just found an artist that does all his painting with a spray can, David Walder's Website!
David Walker has only been painting a few years, and only paints with a spray can, just amazing work. 

and then this one, 

Called Fatal Attraction by zeana romanovna
You'll have to go to her link to understand her meaning, I love this with the pixillation. Abstract realism, never new it existed. Then again, It could be called surreal realism, too.

Love the colors in these portraits, love pencil only, but wow what a difference.
Note to self, practice more portraits.

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  1. Interesting!! I only painted two portraits in the last few years , one of my youngest son and one of my niece. I wanted to 'capture' them in my own particular way, and I loved doing them, but never felt the impulse to do others. Strange! I always wonder about the 'why' behind what we do. Regards, Anne