Sunday, July 13, 2014

Creating is In our blood, We are born artists!

When do we get interested in art? Is it from within, or do our parents influence us.

It is our innate desire to create. No other animal on this planet tries to create for no other reason than to admire the aesthetic qualities of what we just made. Which, we just do for the pure enjoyment in our youth, and agonize about creating in our adulthood.
                               Found this on a Blog, Childrens Drawings turned into Pillows

We find children's drawings as a work of art that will be conveyed by an adult as abstract, but as a child it is just a doodle. And then, there is this great book I found, 

My mom influenced me with the books she loved to buy for us as a child. She loved art. I would consider her an avid collector of stuff she wanted to create. I believe she was a frustrated artist.
She enjoyed nature so much and gave me her enthusiasm for it.

My Dad, on the other hand, was quiet about most things. My mom shared his drawings that he did of cartoon characters. They were quite good. I never really talked to him about art. He said he was proud of me, no matter what I did.

Creating is how we work out our problems, I believe. It can also be a great way to convey a story if you have no way of writing words. A picture says a thousand words. Cave paintings attest to that. We have been wondering the meanings for thousands of years. Symbols dance in our heads, just like they did in ancient times. Was it a way of capturing the animal first on the wall? Was the artist of ancient times trying to convey a story of what he had experienced? Was he trying to paint his dreams? We do that to this day. Maybe that artist was like the artist today. Telling stories of his environment, his history, his feelings, his dreams.

Working it out on the wall or carved in a stone, something comforts us when create. We carve designs on our tools, put it on our walls, our dishes, our clothes, even when we build, the structure takes on a design of it's own. It's not just a box to live in but an art piece, created not for shelter but for the pure enjoyment of aesthetics. Some even have more usefulness while still fulfilling the need for art.

                                                                      Greek 101

The pillars could have been just some straight columns, but the Greeks took their architecture one step further. I almost wonder if they created gods just to create art. It seems that in ancient times art reflected the religion of the times. 

And it still still does....

This artwork reminds me of the ultimate dreamer, surrealist

Salvador Dali, this image was found on pinterest. amazing all the different versions of this on the internet today.

So, whether it is useful or not, we create.  I love that my art can be useful. I love that I create. I am human, after all...

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