Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wholesale, To Do It, Or Not to Do It, Wholesale, that is the question!

Well, tonight, I just got my first wholesale order. on twelve plates.

I have studied for a week about how to sale on wholesale. Asked Etsy, in the Forums, and got some free info, from an Etsy member that posted in the forums on Etsy.

This is going to be a great learning experience, so I am going to share this for anybody who wants to know about wholesaling...

I feel like Alice, going down the rabbit hole...

here is the picture of what she is ordering

and this is it,

I have the winking picture her, update, i know the wink goes on the other eyes, lol, first mistake, and only another artist caught that, too funny. I will be updating this post with information to the links I mentioned in about a week. So, look, and, ask about them.

i have made this one several times, this one is going in my Etsy Shop shortly.

Four kissing plates,
Four winking plates,
Four OMG plates,

It will take four weeks, I told her, and hopefully I will be done sooner!!
Wish, me luck!!...

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